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Продольный код видеозаписи - Longitudinal TC

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Продольный код видеозаписи
Longitudinal TC

Longitudinal TC

Linear (or longitudinal) timecode (LTQ encodes SMPTE limecode data as an audio signal (at 2400Hz). This memorable sound signal is commonly recorded onto a VTR audio track or other storage media. Each frame is terminated by a "sync word" that has a special, predefined sync relationship with any video or film content. (In the industry, "IXC" is pronounced "Lit-See"—except in the United Kingdom where it's pronounced "EH-Tee-See.")
LTC is making a big comeback with many editing tools using Aux TC tracks recorded with I.TC. It is being used to automate the synchronization of multicam setups.

The LTC signal can be distributed by standard audio wiring, connectors, distribution amplifiers, and patch bays. It can also can be ground-isolated with audio transformers and distributed via 75-ohm video cable and video-distribution amplifiers.
Oliver Peters: Longitudinal SMPTE timecode is generally recorded at 0 VU or 2-3 VU on an analog meter, but sometimes there are other specs. Some decks don't show a level at all (Beta-SP, D2, Digibeta, etc.). If you are recording an analog multitrack, TC should be on track 24 with track 23 left clean as a guard band.
Tips for Using LTC10
  1. Take care with analog audio to avoid audible "breakthrough" from the LTC track to the audio tracks.
  2. Avoid percussive sounds close to LTC.
  3. Never process an LTC with noise reduction, eq, or compressor.
  4. Allow preroll and postroll.


t's important to ensure that LTC and VITC are recorded with the same info—unless there is some exceptional reason to do otherwise. Many VTRs can be set to read one or the other or auto, but often some NLEs override this option. Having different VITC and ITC can cause problems for many NLEs.
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