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Интеллектуальная табличка - Smart Slate

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Интеллектуальная табличка
Smart Slate


Smart Slate

A Smart Slate is like a clapboard that works with timecode. You can jam-sync the slate to match a lime-code generator or sound recording deck. These devices work in free run and record run and most common frame rates. Some newer slates automatically read the frame rate of the timecode.

Usually, an assistant cameraperson or clapper will set the sticks for the marker. Ideally, he or she remembers to roll early and get at least 10 to 15 seconds of preroll for digitizing.

Sometimes, however, it may be best to use theTC readout another way. Instead of doing the actual clap, you can alternatively set the slate open and put it off in a corner, where it's handy enough to be shot by cameras at the beginning or end of each take. A good way to "cheat," especially on a film-style production, is to put an I.F.D clock or timecode generator up on a wall somewhere offstage, where all the cameras can shoot the show and also track limecode clearly. This system is generally used in concert productions with a concert slate.

Oliver Peters: Make sun- that every cameraman, when he starts to record, goes over and shoots the clock first thing in that clip. Then the editor lias a way of syncing it up. This is not just concert stuff. It could he a comedian doing a live show in the round or standup.


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